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Homeowner Trimmers

STIHL Trimmers for Use Around the Home

  • FS 38

    A lightweight, value-priced consumer trimmer with many quality...
    DSRP: $129.95
  • FS 40 C-E

    A lightweight, reliable grass trimmer, featuring STIHL...
    DSRP: $159.95
  • FS 50 C-E

    A fuel-efficient, low-emission trimmer with Easy2Start™ and...
    DSRP: $199.95
  • FS 56 C-E

    This straight-shaft grass trimmer features bike-style handles,...
    DSRP: $239.95
  • FS 56 RC-E

    A straight-shaft grass trimmer with a fuel-efficient engine and...
    DSRP: $199.95

Professional Trimmers

STIHL Professional Trimmers and Brushcutters

  • FS 311

    This rugged bike-handle trimmer is powerful, versatile and designed...
    DSRP: $619.95
  • FS 70 R

    This professional-grade, straight-shaft grass trimmer is fuel...
    DSRP: $269.95
  • FS 91

    A professional bike-handle trimmer with simplified starting,...
    DSRP: $369.95
  • FS 91 R

    A professional trimmer packed with features for simplified and...
    DSRP: $329.95
  • FS 94 R

    A professional grass trimmer that combines performance, portability...
    DSRP: $349.95
  • FS 111

    A powerful bike-handle trimmer made for professional use, featuring...
    DSRP: $409.95
  • FS 111 R

    This fuel-efficient, powerful trimmer handles tough jobs and meets...
    DSRP: $369.95
  • FS 111 RX

    A professional grass trimmer that starts quickly and has great power.
    DSRP: $359.95
  • FS 130 R

    Newer class of heavy-duty professional trimmers. Very good...
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  • FS 131

    An improved and powerful bike-handle trimmer made for professional...
    DSRP: $439.95
  • FS 131 R

    A professional loop-handle trimmer that delivers incredible...
    DSRP: $399.95

Brushcutters & Clearing Saws

STIHL Brushcutters and Clearing Saws

  • FS 360 C-EM

    Versatile, rugged brushcutter for all-around professional...
    DSRP: $949.95
  • FSA 45

    An affordable string trimmer including a built-in battery and...
    DSRP: $129.95
  • FSA 56

    This battery-powered trimmer bundle comes standard with battery and...
    DSRP: $149.95 - $199.95
  • FSA 65 Trimmer Package

    Our Lithium-Ion battery-powered trimmer manicures your yard –...
    DSRP: $449.85
  • FSA 85 Trimmer Package

    This battery-powered straight-shaft trimmer delivers the cutting...
    DSRP: $469.85
  • FSA 90 R

    Professional straight-shaft trimmer powered by a 36-volt...
    DSRP: $299.95
  • FSE 60

    This electric trimmer is lightweight and exceptionally quiet.
    DSRP: $129.95
  • FCS Edger Attachment

    Give your yard that professional landscaped look with the STIHL FCS...
    DSRP: $179.99
  • FH 135° Power Scythe Attachment

    Transform select STIHL trimmers, grass edgers and extended hedge...
    DSRP: $239.99
  • HL 0° Hedge Trimmer Attachment

    Trim your hedges with the enhanced precision of the STIHL HL 0°...
    DSRP: $169.99
  • HL 135° Hedge Trimmer Attachment

    With the STIHL HL 135° hedge trimmer attachment, you have the...
    DSRP: $249.99
  • KB Brush Attachment

    Transform select STIHL trimmers, grass edgers and extended...
    DSRP: $269.99
  • KW STIHL PowerSweep™ Attachment

    Convert select STIHL trimmers, grass edgers and extended hedge...
    DSRP: $309.99